How to create an iOS7-style icon using Rotate Tool in Adobe Illustrator

You will need
  • Adobe Illustrator Program
  • Ownership Level: Beginner
  • Run Time: 15 minutes
Create a new document measuring 1024 x 1024 pixels. That’s the maximum size of icons for Apple, so we’ll use it. Then press View > Smart Guides. (Comman+U or Ctrl+U).


Select the Rounded Rectangle Tool and click on the workspace . In the window that appears, enter the values as in the picture: width 280px, height 420px, radius of rounded 140px.


Go to Transform panel (Window > Transform) and display the X axis value of 512px, Y axis 276px.


Without removing the selection from the petal, go to the Appearance panel (Window & gt; Appearance). Remove the stroke, make the fill gradient as shown in the picture and apply Blending Mode – Multiply to it.


Select Ellipse Tool (L), create a circle of 56 x 56 pixels and align its on the center of the workspace. We will use it as a central guide when rotating the petal.


Select Selection Tool (V) and highlight the petal. Then switch to Rotate Tool (R key) and place the cursor over the circle in the center of the workspace. You will see a small cross located in the center of the circle.
Press the Alt key and click on the cross. In the window that opens, enter Angle -45º and press Copy to duplicate and rotate our petal.


Repeat the action six times using Object > Transform > ; Transform Again (Command+D or Ctrl+D) to turn out eight petals.


Now you can select a circle in the center and delete it.
Select each petal and make the fill gradient. We will use 8 colors for this. The gradient origin color is the same as the gradient ending color on the previous petal.

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