How to create an invisible folder


To create an invisible folder, you must assign a corresponding attribute to it and set options that prevent displaying hidden folders. First, create a regular folder or select an existing one. Right-click its icon and select Properties from the drop-down menu.


A new window opens. Click the General tab and find the Attributes field. Set the marker in the Hidden field and save the settings selected for the folder by clicking Apply or OK.


If you are working with a folder containing subfolders, an additional window may appear with a clarification — apply attributes only to the main folder or also to all attachments. Select the desired response option and click OK.


Folder may disappear immediately or become translucent. If you still see your folder, then you need to adjust its display settings. To do this, open any folder on your computer and select Folder Properties from the Tools menu.


In the dialog box that opens, click the View tab. In the Advanced Settings box, scroll down and find Hidden Files and Folders. Set the token to Do not show hidden files and folders. Click OK or Apply for the new settings to take effect.


To make the folder visible again, repeat the steps described in reverse order: first set up the display of hidden files and folders, and then remove the Hidden attribute in the properties of the folder itself.

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