How to animate in photoshope

You’ll need
  • Adobe Photoshop

Start Adobe Photoshop and prepare images that will become frames of your animation. Place each frame on a new layer of one canvas. To make it easier to navigate the frames, place the layers behind each other in the same sequence in which they will scroll in the animation.


Call a window to work with animation. To do this, select Window from the top menu bar. In the drop-down submenu, click Animation. By default, the window opens will contain only one frame corresponding to the currently selected layer.


Left click on the triangle button in the upper right corner of the Animation window and select item “New frame”. You can create as many frames as you will in your animation. Each new frame will have an active layer — it should not embarrass you.


Click the Animation window on the first frame to make it active. In the Layer Panel, make all layers invisible except what will become your first frame. Left-click it, you will see that the first frame now contains an image from the active layer.


Click on the second frame in the Animations window, hide all layers that you don’t need yet on the canvas and make the second frame layer active on the canvas. Switch to the next frame. Repeat this sequence until each frame is assigned a corresponding canvas image layer.


When you compare layers to frames, determine how often they should be repeated. By default, a loop animation is specified, where the entire frame sequence is scrolled again and again behind the last frame, starting with the first one. Set the settings you need by clicking on the triangle icon of the first button located in the lower left corner of the Animation window.


Below each frame is a drop-down menu, with which to select a time of delay of one frame. If necessary, change these settings. Play the animation by clicking on the Play icon to make sure you’ve done everything right.


Close the animation window as desired and save the document in .gif format. To do this, select Save for Web and Devices from the File menu. A new window opens where you can again scroll through the entire movie and set additional options to the file.

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