How to add subtitles to video


Most programs designed to play video files have a function to connect subtitles to playable video file. Among the most common are VLC Media Player, KMP, and Media Player Classic.


Open the video file using any player. To do this, you can right-click on the video file and select the Open With menu. In the suggested list, select a convenient program to play, and click OK.


Right-click the playback area and select Subtitles – Open File. Specify the path to the subtitle file you want to add in SRT format. After selecting it, the desired text package will be downloaded and displayed on the screen during the movie playback.


Subtitles will be automatically included in the video playback program if they have the same title as the video file. They will be available for inclusion after right-clicking the playback area and selecting the desired language track in the available Subtitles option.


If you want to overlay text on video, you can use specialized video editors. For example, Movavi Video Editor allows you to insert an external subtitle file into a video and save it. Download the editor software and then install it using the received installer file.


Open the downloaded program and add the video file by selecting the option “File” – “Open”. After that, transfer the subtitle file to the editor window or select the Titles option. Import the desired subtitle file or write your own video comments using the interface elements. After completing the operation, save the result by selecting File – Save tab. Inserting the required subtitles can also be done through the “Import” option in the program window.

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