How to activate office on windows 10 without key

 Microsoft Office


gives the user a free trial period of 30 days. During this time, if the user needs these programs, he must activate the system. Otherwise, there will be work problems after the deadline, and some restrictions from Microsoft will also come into effect.

In fact, restrictions in Office, PowerPoint, or Excel will have a very weak impact. Here’s what happens if you don’t activate Office after 30 days:

1) The red header at the top of the document will remind you that the system needs activation. First, the name of the document will be displayed, then the name of the product and the inscription “Unlicensed Product”.

2) In some cases, a red bar will be displayed under the control panel labeled “Office The product is disabled” with the “Activate“button that redirects the user to the web page of the official Microsoft website.

3) Sometimes Word may involuntarily close, displaying the following inscription. AutoSave is present, and the latest edits will remain there. But overall it’s a rather unpleasant point.


To activate Microsoft Office, a key is required. This is a certain set of characters that Microsoft sends to the buyer’s email. It must be entered in the activation window, after which the user will have full versions of the programs available.

The activator selects the key itself and does not require anything from the user. One of the popular ones is KMS Auto. It is available for download absolutely free on the official website of the developer.

All that is needed is to download and install KMS Auto and then run it on behalf of the Administrator. Next, click on theActivate Officebutton. The program has different versions, and the wording, depending on this, may differ.

The process will start automatically, and it will always last differently. As a rule, more than 5 minutes the user will not have to wait. Progress can be tracked in a blue field that will appear below.

After the operation ends, you must close the activator and verify the success of the process. Check the program is activated or not very easy – you need to go to Word or PowerPoint and go to theFiletab.

This should show the status of theproduct – “Product activated”. As a result, you can change the theme from normal to color, get additional new features from Microsoft, as well as get all updates automatically. They will be downloaded when PC and Internet access.

To do this, it is not necessary to enter data from your Mocrosoft account and log in under your own name. Everything will be available without that.

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