How in Compass to change format


To configure the properties of the first drawing sheet, go to Tools —> Options menu. You can also select Current Drawing Settings from the document window menu. Click the Current Drawing tab from the dialog that appears on the screen and make the necessary changes using the controls from the First Sheet Settings section.


Call “Document Manager” and make the “Sheets” object active. Left-click on the corresponding page, whose parameters are being modified, or the row. In the “Orientation” box, you will see an icon that shows the current orientation of the page. It changes by clicking on the icon.


In the “Format” box, the symbol of the current sheet format is located. You can change it by expanding the list and selecting a symbol. To select different page sizes from the standard, call Format from the context menu, or click the button with the same name on the Toolbar. A dialog will appear on the screen where you want to enable the Custom option. Enter sheet dimensions, close the dialog. The specified values of the sides of the sheet are displayed in the Format box.


To change multiplicity, expand the list and select the desired value in the corresponding graph. Note that the multiplicity cannot be set if the sheet dimensions are non-standard.


Next Count — “Decoration”. Here you will see the name of the layout used from the existing set. You can choose another design from the library by clicking on its name in the corresponding box and specifying in the dialog you need.


If you need registration from a different (not current) library, left-click on the name located in the “Library or by the “Design” button, which is on the “Toolbar” button. A dialog box will appear where you want to select a library.


If you want to view the result of your changes without collapsing the dialog, click on the button “Apply”. You can close “Document Manager” while saving the changes made and continuing the work by clicking on the “OK” button.


If you use the same design and format for the pages of most of the drawings, the appropriate settings will be burdensome. In this case, select Tools —> Options —> New Documents —> Graphic Document —> First Sheet/New Sheet Settings. Now, configure the properties for future drawings sheets by selecting “Design” and “Format” on the left side of the dialog.

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