How to add language to Windows


Select the desired languages from the list during Windows installation. This option is often ignored, so the system may have English or another language when the installation is complete.


Make sure you have a configured internet connection. In some cases, Windows automatically loads the appropriate language during installation. Also carefully read the description of your version of the system: Licensed Disks typically specify languages that can be installed by default.


Try installing the language you want manually using the included Windows boot disk. Go to its root directory and search the Languages folder. Click on the executable file in it and specify the appropriate settings for you. You may need an internet connection to install the language.


Go to Start menu, select Control Panel, then Set Time, Language, and Region, and go to the Language and regional standards.” Select Languages and Keyboards, then Add/Remove Languages.


Follow the on-screen instructions to initialize the download and install of the language package, then save it to a convenient location on the hard drive of your computer. Once the download is complete, the language can be set by default for the operating system.


Visit the special page to install language packages on the Microsoft website, scroll through their list until you find the necessary one, and click on the link “Download.” Make sure the language package is suitable for your operating system.


Select the option “Set Language”, then close the browser and go to the folder where you saved the downloaded files. Run the installation and follow the on-screen instructions to finish adding a new language.

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