How to choose a tablet computer


One of the most important details of a tablet computer is undoubtedly its screen. Its sizes will significantly affect the cost, so wonder: for what needs do you buy a tablet? – If you use it at home to watch videos, or for games, you can take a bigger screen, and if you plan to carry it everywhere, then for such purposes more small dimensions. In addition to sizes, displays of such devices have different manufacturing technologies. Today, two technologies are more common for tablet screens. It’s resistive technology and capacitive.
The screen with resistive technology responds to the touch of many objects, it can be worked with both a finger and any other object. Such a display will be cheaper than capacitive, but will be significantly inferior to it in image quality and functionality. On the container screen the image will be better, but it will only have to work on such a screen with bare hands, and the price will be an order of magnitude more than the price of the previous one.
It is also worth paying attention to the resolution of the display. The smaller the resolution, the worse the image.


There are many operating systems for tablet computers. It is worth paying attention to which you will be more comfortable. It is recommended to choose tablets with better known operating systems, as there are many applications available for different tasks created for popular platforms.


The mobile processor has less performance than the PC processors, but still the mobile processor remains very complicated detail. The average buyer should not go into these details, it will be enough to determine the processor for performance at clock speed. The higher the clock speed, the more productive the processor will be.


Those who are going to store a lot of information in the tablet should pay attention to the amount of built-in memory. These days, this is no longer as relevant, because virtually all modern tablets have slots for extra flash memory.


Pay attention to the video card. Here everything is like ordinary computers: you will often play games – it is worth looking towards tablets with powerful graphics cards.



very important feature of the tablet is that it can be taken everywhere with you. If you plan to spend a lot of time with your tablet away from home, then take care of buying such a device with a larger battery.


Many buy tablet computers in order to conveniently use the Internet. Please note that the bulk of low-cost tablets do not support 3G access. With these tablets you can connect to the Internet only at home from the main source of the network, or in any place where there is Wi-Fi.

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