Whip and Carrot Method

You’ll need
  • a little time from you.

Can’t compare a toddler with others. As statistics show, those who have never been compared to people around them grow up more successful.


Develop initiative in the child. Praise even if you were expecting a different result. So you will move the child to new things and actions.


Teach a child to rely only on himself in everything. Let him hope always for himself. But know the measure. For example, if you need help solving a math problem, be sure to prompt you.


Teach patience. This is an important quality of character that will come in handy in later life.


Child must feel the love of parents. Even when he made some mistakes.


Divide the big tasks into smaller ones. If you do not get something done right away, then it is necessary to perform it gradually. Then the quality of the work done will be good.


Have condescension. Even the most diligent and talented, can upset you with a bad mark. Don’t swear if you see the kid upset, but support him.

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