Whats good for a child


For the full development of the child, parents must create optimal conditions. They involve meeting the necessary hygienic requirements. Keeping the house clean is one of the basic health of all family members, especially the baby.

The child needs to grow up in an educational environment. For its design you can use toys that correspond to the age of the child, game sets, board games, etc. In addition, you need to pay great attention to the color scheme of the children’s room.

Intermittent change of toys, which he directly manipulates, will be useful for the child. This will be the widening of the toddler’s horizons, as well as familiarity with the properties of different subjects.


A child’s food should undoubtedly be useful. It should prevail in quality products that do not contain harmful additives. This is her main difference from the food of adult people. Particular attention should be paid to dairy and meat products.

Sweets in moderate amounts serve as energy suppliers for your child’s body.

If your child does not have allergic reactions to a particular product, try to ensure that the children’s table is varied. Dairy products, meat, fish, vegetables and fruits will provide the baby’s growing body with the necessary nutrients.


Motor activity is extremely useful for the child. In the process of movements get their development all muscle groups. In addition, active movements contribute to bone growth and development.

Starting at an early age, include morning gymnastics in the child’s day mode. It will help to awaken the baby and prepare his body for day load. Subsequently, such gymnastics will be a mandatory part of the day regime performed in kindergarten. It

will be useful for the child to get acquainted with the regime of the day before attending kindergarten. So its adaptation in preschool will be more successful.

During the day, offer your child a variety of moving games. They promote the development of basic types of movements. In addition, collective moving games help the child to learn the rules of behavior.

Communication communication

is very important for the child’s social development. Communicating not only with family members, but also with peers will be helpful for him. Children’s preschool institutions play a big role in this.

The more a child communicates with people around him, the better he assimilates norms of behavior in society. In addition, this is facilitated by gaming activities, in particular story role-playing games.

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