What is Russias maternity leave in 2017

Parts of maternity leave

Every woman living and working in Russia can expect maternity leave. Unfortunately, many expectant mums are completely unaware of their rights, as well as what monetary compensation they may receive when going into the decree.

The term maternity leave is understood to be the whole leave that is granted to each working woman in the event of her pregnancy and the birth of a toddler. It is known to consist of maternity leave, subsequent maternity leave up to 1.5 years of age, and parental leave up to 3 years of age. All of these periods have different lengths. The amount of cash security in all three cases will also vary.

Maternity leave after 30 weeks of pregnancy is required by law to last exactly 140 days. At the same time, the woman should rest 70 days before childbirth and 70 days after the birth of the baby. If there are any complications in childbirth, the postpartum holiday period can be extended to a full 86 days. If several babies were born, the young mother has every right to rest after childbirth within 110 days. All this is spelled out in a separate article of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation.

This allowance must be paid to the employee a lump sum for the entire holiday. In case of severe, complicated childbirth or birth of several babies, the woman may subsequently provide a certificate for work and the benefit will be recalculated. The

right to get leave to care for a child up to 1.5 years instead of the mother can be used by the next of kin of the baby, who will actually exercise care for him.

After the completion of maternity leave, paternity leave is immediately available for up to 1.5 years. During this quite long period, the young mother has the right to receive 40% monthly of the average monthly earnings, which must be calculated according to a special formula.

After the baby is 1.5 years old, the young mother can expect to extend her maternity leave until the child is 3 years old, but at the same time the amount of payments will be very small.

Procedure for maternity leave.

In order to leave without hindrance in the decree, the future mother needs to write in advance the application to the human resources department addressed to the head. To the written application it is necessary to attach the sick list of the prescribed form, which was issued by the doctor of women’s counselling. The law abiding employer is obliged to transfer maternity allowance to the employee within 10 days. As a last resort, this should be done no later than the next payment of wages begins at the enterprise. It

is better to write a leave application in advance so that the employer has time to read it.

According to the current legislation, women’s work experience includes only 1, 5 years spent caring for one child. If there are two children in the family, 3 years will be added to her work experience. Mums who have three toddlers will bring 4, 5 years of leave to work experience.

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