What do children need to read for a night of fairytales


role of fairy tales in the formation of the child’s personality

Fairy tales is not only an element of folk or author’s folklore, they have basic moral values, definitions of good and evil. It’s a reality written in children’s language. Through magical stories you convey life experience, attitude to the world and introduce him to the customs of different peoples.

Reading fairy tales is needed not only for the overall development of a child. There is a special method of raising fairy tale — fairy tale therapy. Fairy tales can help in difficult life situations and in dealing with the negative qualities of a toddler’s character. With them, various children’s problems can be solved: aggression, fears, anxiety, lies and others. Listening to the magical story, the child identifies with the protagonist of the narrative, empathizes with him, and learns from his mistakes.

Reading fairy tales to children is a great family tradition. For toddlers, a fairy tale is a world in which they all understand can distinguish good from evil, loyalty from betrayal. Magical stories develop imagination magnificently, improve brain activity, help shape the child’s personality, and prepare him for adulthood.

Selection of fabulous literature

Select good and instructive tales for reading to the child, where for hard work and bravery are awarded, and evil and lazy characters lose. For kids it will be useful to get acquainted with “Morozko”, “Domovenk Kuzya”, stories about the tricky fox and other animals.

In sale there are children’s kits, which are special developed according to the method “raising a fairy tale”.

It is possible to read both folk and author’s tales, the main thing is that they carry a positive and useful moral message. There are therapeutic tales written to solve a certain problem.

Don’t get full and review the fairy tale before reading it to a child. Now in the sale you can find familiar stories in a very free and ambiguous treatment.

A good option is to compose your own fairy tale with your child. A magical story can be invented by taking the real children’s problem as a basis. The fairytale hero must face similar difficulty and have passed a series of trials honorably come out of a difficult situation. Offer the child through the fairy tale several solutions to the problem, only be correct, the magic story should only draw parallel associations with reality, not copy the problem of the kid one in one.

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