What cough syrup can a child of 7 months

Inception of illness

At the first symptom of a cold, you should contact a pediatrician. The child is very small, and can’t tell himself what or how it hurts. Therefore, in order to properly diagnose and prescribe treatment, you need a consultation of a specialist, in some cases it is necessary to take tests.


cough is forced exhalation that occurs due to muscle contraction due to receptor irritation. Or in another way is the body’s protective response, designed to clear the airway of bacteria, viruses and mucus. Coughing can be “dry” and “wet”. When a dry cough sputum does not go away, for it is inherent in the attack character, sometimes with a whistle, predominantly appears at night. In wet cough sputum is released. Usually for colds, phlegm starts to depart only after a few days.

Before you run to the pharmacy for cough syrup for your little cough, you need to define the kind of cough, “dry” or “wet”. The choice of syrup and its effectiveness depends on it.

Cough treatment in children up to a year

Since the body of the child differs from that of the adult, when treated with drugs it is necessary consider the dose and contraindications. Since not all medicines have been tested on children, the instructions specify age limits.

Syrup or drops

Many cough products for children exist in two medicinal forms: drops and syrup. The acting substances are the same. They differ only by the availability of sugar and the amount of consumption per intake. One-time syrup intake is 5-15 ml, and drops are 3-15 drops. Parents themselves choose the more comfortable it is for them to drink their children.

Baby syrups

It is believed that herbs are safer than synthetic substances. That’s because they’re natural. It is better to start treatment with them, the only thing, some herbs can cause allergies. But also there are many synthetic medicines to treat coughs in children, which the breast can safely take as a treatment.

If your child is allergic, the selection of herbal syrups should be approached with care. To begin with, choose mono-complementary syrups or those that include no more than three herbs.

Their range is very large.

In case of dry cough:

– Dr. Mom
– Gedelix (also possible and if wet)
– Synecode
– Prospan

When wet cough:

– Licorice syrup
– Childrens Lazolvan (applied with 0)
– Erespal

– Bronchiprete
– Stoptussin Fito

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