What can be eaten immediately after children

A full diet immediately after childbirth will help the young mother recover the loss of minerals, vitamins during pregnancy. However, the diet will have to be adjusted to avoid causing the newborn allergies, colic.

Meals of the mother after childbirth

Choose the menu to the young mother is necessary based on the type of birth permit. If the child came to light by caesarean section, doctors recommend not to eat in the first day, but only to drink mineral non-carbonated water. In the following days, it is possible to eat non-fat meat, porridge on water, chicken broth, baked apples.


daily calorie allowance for a nursing mother is about 2500 kcal per day. This will allow lactation to be maintained at a normal level.

At natural birth, the diet can not be significantly revised, but to eat mother in the first days of soup, porridge is necessary in small portions. With care you need to eat fermented milk dishes, bread, and it is better to give up them yet.
If there are breaks, mother shouldn’t eat foods rich in fiber. These include vegetables, cut and black bread, raw fruit.

How to establish lactation after childbirth?

In the first weeks after childbirth, it is important to establish breastfeeding by eating the “right” foods. It is, of course, drinks – mineral without gas, rosehip decoction, lightly brewed tea, non-fat kefir. Fruit you can eat bananas, baked green apples, vegetables – stews, mashed potatoes. Fish and beef, birds are better boiled or steamed. It is also possible to include soups, pasta and porridge on water, apart from rice dishes.

At least 20 days in the diet of nursing mother must not be present juices, chocolate, milk, any pastries, sweets and salted, smoked, canned food. Do not have to be keen on preparing dishes with spices, eating seasonal vegetables and fruits, sausages. This approach will help to avoid indigestion in the infant, mitigate colic manifestation and eliminate allergies. The

nutrition of a nursing mother should be varied, the optimal solution — there are all allowed foods, but just a little bit.

Next, introduce new products into the diet of the mother gradually, trying to consume only something one “not from the list” in one day. It is necessary to try such food, following the reaction of the newborn, in case of concern, presence of a rash in the baby it is necessary for a time to exclude the product that caused the reaction.

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