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Choice of maternity hospital: what prioritizes

Young inexperienced expectant mothers think that the main thing in the maternity hospital is a separate ward and delicious food. This is important, but it is even more important to pay attention to the composition of doctors who take birth. It is from obstetrician-gynecologist, nurse and anesthesiologist that depends how easily and quickly you can cope with the baby’s appearance. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to choose doctors, not maternity hospital.

If you are assigned a caesarean section according to the indications, the maternity hospital will need to arrive by a certain date. More often than not, doctors prescribe surgery a week and a half ahead of their intended date of birth.

In the second place – medical equipment of maternity unit and children’s department. It is necessary to take an interest in advance by looking at the information on the official site of the maternity hospital, whether there is children’s resuscitation, modern boxes for nursing babies, etc.

In the third place in importance – wards for women in labor and their equipment.$ Here the main thing is not the presence of a TV, but modern comfortable beds. Because the main time mom and baby spend on them. It’s better if they’re wide and resilient enough. In addition, the delivery woman and the baby will be more comfortable if the shower and toilet are individual, or for use of a small block of two wards. Then there will be no queue in the toilet and bathroom, no need to worry about the hygiene of the room, etc.

Dining room in maternity hospitals is usually not happy with the sophistication of food. But everything you need for a full meal is there – milk porridge from the morning, soup and second for lunch, cereals with meat or fish – for dinner. It’s enough to last five to ten days in the maternity hospital, and then go to your favorite kitchen, prepare delicacies.

Prepare packages with belongings for the maternity hospital in advance. Sign them to know what to take with you at once, what – to bring to the maternity hospital, and what to leave for an extract.

When to choose maternity hospital Maternity

Hospital it is better to start choosing before pregnancy. First, you’ll have plenty of time to consider all the offers. Secondly, you will be able to decide whether you want to give birth for a fee or not. If the first – you can enter into a pre-contract for pregnancy. Then specialists of maternity hospital will be able to get acquainted with you even before childbirth, will monitor your condition and health of the baby and will be able to approach the appearance of the child as responsibly as possible.

For free birth, you can also meet doctors in advance. Currently, many maternity hospitals organize consultations where active obstetrician-gynecologists work. You can contact them and ask all the questions you are interested in.

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