Is it possible to get pregnant after childbirth if there are no months

The probability of getting pregnant immediately after childbirth is there, this can be judged by the families in which the weather is growing.

How much is it possible to get pregnant again?

Every woman’s body is unique. Gynaecologists argue that pregnancy can come as early as a few weeks after giving birth. And in this matter you need to be aware. If newly minted parents return to intimate life, you need to return to contraception.

If all – decided not to pull and give birth to campaign to the baby, it should be understood that the body should recover after childbirth. It should be borne in mind that chronic diseases are often exacerbated after childbirth, leading to pathology, to termination of pregnancy.

The ideal doctors consider a period of 2-3 years, mandatory at least 6 — 8 months. It is

also wrong to think that after a caesarean, re-pregnancy may come later. But pregnancy can also come soon after a caesarean, which is physiologically extremely dangerous.

It is necessary after childbirth to consult a doctor to avoid aggravation or appearance of diseases, complications. The doctor will advise on contraceptive methods and help plan the next pregnancy.

Breastfeeding. Is the method of contraception?

Lactation amenorrhea is a method of contraception when there are no months in breastfeeding. Indeed, breastfeeding produces a hormone — prolactin, which blocks ovaries from working. In the literature it is possible to find advice that in order for pregnancy not to occur, it is necessary to give breasts on demand, other sources indicate even the time intervals at which the onset of menstruation and pregnancy does not occur.

But as described above, each organism is individual. Breastfeeding is not a panacea for pregnancy. In many women who follow hourly feeding rules, menstruation can come as early as 1.5 months. Often ovulation occurs before the onset of months, and pregnancy occurs discreetly. The absence of menstrual cycle a woman perceives as a postpartum norm and notices her pregnancy late.

Forty days after childbirth, a consultation of a gynecologist is required. The doctor will perform a full examination and will pick you up contraceptives according to your contraindications and safety for the baby you are feeding.

If sexual life is resumed, but a new pregnancy is not planned, do not rely on signs and someone’s successful experience. There are effective methods of contraception allowed during lactation.

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