How to spell a characteristic on a child


In a situation where a child moves from nursery to kindergarten, from younger group to middle and then to senior, changes or ends school, on it is written a characteristic. Characteristics is a text related to the official business style. Accordingly, it should contain some necessary elements for speed and ease of familiarization with it.


In particular, in order to characterize the obligatory part is a brief statement of official data, where you specify the family name, the first name (middle name) of the child, $ date of birth or number of years, location (fixation). Generally, it is an institution that gives the characteristic. This data is placed in the upper right corner, so that on the left, it is possible to stamp the organization with the outgoing number if necessary.


It’s a so-called cap. For example: “Per pupil 4 “B” grade school №1 g. Moscow Ivanov Sergey Valentinovich, 21. 01. 2005 year of birth…” Next with a capital letter in the middle of the page is spelled the word “characteristic”.


In the main part, in an arbitrary form, write information that may be of interest to the organization that has requested the characteristic. For a child, it is necessary information about his physical and mental development, communication, talents and abilities. Also information about family composition, parents, their social status.


Writes a characteristic the immediate curator of the child. In preschool, it is a teacher, in school – a class head. At the end, the text is certified by two signatures: the head of the institution and the curator — the person who wrote this characteristic. A date is set. Characterization is approved by the seal of

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