How to quickly teach a child to walk pot

Moms buy pot in advance, anticipating the moment when it will be possible to forget about diapers forever. But teaching a child to go to pot is not so easy – sometimes it takes six months or a year to get addictive. In rare cases, the toddler refuses to go to the toilet in an adult until the age of two.

It is very important to find the right approach, not to pressure the baby and not to shrink on the pot forcibly. Irritation, malice, or too obvious discontent over wet panties can frighten a child. The very thought of having to go and do “deeds” in a plastic pot can cause rejection.

Why a child refuses to go to pot

Perhaps you picked up an uncomfortable shape of pot. Notice how the kid sits — whether he’s on plastic? It’s not just the convenient shape of pot that matters. Make sure the pot is clean, warm and dry wiped.

Surely you would be very unpleasant to sit on a wet or cold toilet lid. Your discomfort can be shown by the toddler, whiny or refusal to sit on the lid.

How to accustom a child to a pot

Rule Number 1 – never buy bright pots pasted with stickers. So you turn the baby’s toilet into a fascinating trinket. The toilet should be ordinary and convenient.

Try to explain to the kid that he’s already an adult, and it’s time to get more confident. Yes, there will be a lot of mistakes – the child may not be tolerated, but it is very important to place him on the lid of the pot even in wet panties.

So he’ll understand that the “case” needs to be finished, and next time he’ll try to reach the pot in time.

No need to scold the kid. Let him pick up his pants a hundred times in a day, there’s no big deal about it. Do not develop internal complexes.


that there are fewer surprises, put the baby on the pot in the morning, right after he wakes up. 3-5 minutes is enough. Even if you have to change wet clothes after time, it’s no big deal.

Next time it works out.

On the pot you need to plant after eating or drinking — in about 5 minutes. The more a child drinks fluids, the more likely it will go to the toilet. Last time sit the kid on the pot before going to bed.

Often, the moms themselves don’t have time to react and start swearing, seeing wet pants. Only it depends on you how quickly the child learns to go to the toilet. First time you’ll have to run.

Two glasses of water help well in the morning. Put the child on a pot and start pouring water from one glass to another — it won’t be two minutes as you hear the ringing creek. The kid at the same time will be very happy.

Put the kid on the pot as often as possible, but don’t allow him to sit on the pot for hours and play. Once the deed is done, take the pot aside and praise the kid. Of course, sitting time increases if the kid wants to go to the toilet in a big way. We need to look at the situation.

Sometimes it’s crying that becomes the signal that it’s time to go to the toilet. A young child often can’t explain what he wants, the main thing is to react in time. Normally, the kid not only cries, but hustles.

If the kid doesn’t like plastic, you can buy a soft hoop on the adult toilet seat. To keep the legs from hanging out in the air, attach special steps – for comfort, the feet should rest in the floor. Going to the toilet when your feet are dangling in the air is very problematic.

Simple rules will help you easily avoid unnecessary problems and learn to understand your child’s desires at a glance.

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