How to properly bathe a newborn baby


Bathe newborn should only be when the umbilical wound has already healed.


Bathe baby in boiled water. It should be no higher than 37 degrees. Various decoctions should be added to the bath: chamomile, succession, manganese solution, sea salt.


At the end of the bathing procedure, treat hydrogen peroxide and anoint green.


In the first months, the baby should have his own bath. Don’t wash it with synthetic solutions ever. Use only baby soap for this.


Bathe baby is better, wrapped in a diaper. So the kid doesn’t slip out of his hands or freak out. Talk to him affectionately and slowly water. Try not to get water in the eyes and ears.


First bathing lasts not long, for 5-10 minutes.


Rinse the child’s folds so that there are no desalines. After the bath, grease them with baby cream or vegetable boiled oil. Brush nose and ears with flagstones made of cotton wool.


No need to wash a toddler with soap every day, twice a week will be enough. But the head should be washed once every 7 days.


Wrap the baby after bathing with a bike diaper or towel.

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