How to prepare for ultrasound in pregnancy

During pregnancy, women undergo ultrasound several times. In the first trimester, ultrasound allows to diagnose the fact of pregnancy, finding the fetal egg in the uterine cavity (exclusion of ectopic pregnancy). At this stage it is also determined whether you will have one child or whether you will be a happy mom of twins or triplets.

In the future, ultrasound helps to identify circulatory disorders and pathology of fetal development. The doctor will also watch the placenta to recommend to your midwife to change pregnancy tactics if necessary.

Ultrasound is absolutely safe for the baby and pregnant woman. During the procedure, the doctor applies a special gel to the skin of the abdomen and, using a sensor, investigates the area of the uterus.
Ultrasound in pregnancy does not require special training, but it is possible to make the procedure nicer and focus on taking pleasure from contemplating your future child.

1. Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to take off. Give up the dress if you don’t want to lie naked on the couch.
2. If you have quite a bit left before giving birth, then your belly may interfere with fastening your shoes. Agree, it’s better to avoid an awkward situation and not ask the medical center staff to zip your shoes. In winter, pay attention to uggie, and in summer to comfortable ballet flats.
3. Inconvenient hairpins will pressure the back of your head, have to either remove them or endure.

Be sure to bring clean shoes or replacement shoes with you. You will need a diaper or a sheet and a towel to remove the residue of the gel from the skin of the abdomen.
Don’t forget your passport, mandatory health insurance policy, doctor referral and results from previous ultrasound. And entering the office, turn off the phone

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