How to improve schoolboys attention?


Take away at home all things that can distract your child during class. TV, aquarium, toys and other entertainment should be in another room, beyond the sight of the child. In class such a child is best to be asked to put at the first desk.


If you want the child to take all the words you have said, then come closer to him and embrace him. This contributes to increased attention levels.


Try to teach the child thoughtfully to listen. For this purpose it is necessary to end each question with the question: “And how do you think?” Thanks to this, it is possible to avoid a situation where the child listens and machinally agrees with everything, but in fact all his thoughts are about the other.


Try to make eye contact with the child while talking. If the child starts to take away the gaze and look at the sides and into the clouds, you can return it “to the spot” with a light touch.


In order for a child to learn better school material, ask him to retake the studied one of the family members. The best way to learn new things is to tell it to another person.


Help the child relax and splash out their fantasy on paper.


Parents also need to understand that frequent physical and psychological exertions lead to reduced performance. Therefore, you shouldn’t load your child.

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