How to feed a fat baby


out One of the most important things in this case, understand whether bad appetite poses a threat to the baby’s health or not. If a young child always eats little, but at the same time is cheerful and healthy – then most likely, there is no reason for concern. Just his body is enough of a small amount of food for saturation.


addition, many parents put the child in a plate portions commensurate with their own, not considering that the size of his stomach is smaller several times. If the baby suddenly stopped eating, noticeably lost weight, looks painful and sluggish – it is necessary to take measures as soon as possible.

What to do

First you need to see a doctor. Perhaps bad appetite is associated with some disease and medical intervention is needed. If, as a result of the examination of pediatrician and other doctors, the child is recognized as healthy, it is important for parents to calm down and try to develop their interest in food.

Don’t feed a child forcibly. If he refuses food, he’s not hungry yet. Let the kid go play. Run, walk. Perhaps during that time he will get hungry and happily eat any suggested dish.

Avoid snacking between meals. The volume of the stomach in the child is small, so eat before lunch apple or biscuits, it may well feel full and will not eat hot dishes.

Don’t let a crumb lock food with compote, juice or any other drink. They fill the stomach, as a result the child simply can’t keep eating food. In addition, diluting gastric juice, drinks worsen the digestion process.

Approach with fantasy to table serving. Serve food on small children’s plates. Decorate dishes by drawing funny flowers with ketchup, cutting flowers and geometric figures from vegetables. It is important to attract the child with a type of food, then the appetite will not make itself wait.

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