How to choose a baby babysitt

When deciding on such an important case as the selection of domestic staff to whom you are going to entrust your child, you should try to avoid common errors.

1. Being inconsiderate of the babysitter’s recommendations can serve you poor service. When deciding on your child, it is necessary to try everything as you should think through. To make up an opinion about the nanny, do not need to be guided only by intuition – study recommendations, do not be lazy to call the people who provided them, take an interest in the age of the children behind whom the babysitter nursed, find out how they rate her work. Remember that you can write any good words in the recommendation.

2. Finding a nanny at the last minute isn’t very convenient. Don’t move things “to later.” In order to find a babysitter that will be able to fully meet your needs, as well as not cause special damage to the family budget, you can even arrange a competitive selection with time. Learn recommendations, ask acquaintances. Ideally, a new babysitter should take up her duties days ten before the day you’re about to go out to work — you’ll be able to observe how she treats the child, whether they fit each other .

3. Unability to choose a nanny. Did you have to notice how much time you sometimes spend on picking up new clothes? Amazing, but the procedure of picking up a good babysitter sometimes parents carry out at times faster. Take that enough time, taking into account your child’s age, how he will treat the new person in the house, figure out both the nanny’s education and the experience and how well she owns the modern child development methods.$

4. Realize your responsibilities from an employer’s point of view. When choosing a babysitter, be aware that you will have to act in this role. Feel free to study the babysitter’s biography and work experience, habits, character and medical conditions. Ask if the nanny has their children, figure out their age and gender, what the relationship is between them. Specify the payment issues, determine exactly the duties, schedule of work, find out in advance whether the babysitter agrees to stay with the child longer than agreed, if it is necessary suddenly.

5. Be sure to consider the family’s long-term needs. Once you have decided on the amount that can be painlessly allocated from your budget to pay for babysitting services, determine and the period for which you need it, ask for the babysitter’s plans for the future — whether she plans to work for you that time. Also consider in advance and the option that the nanny will leave you suddenly — who family members in this case will be able to free themselves (for example, take a short vacation) for the time that will be required to search new babysitter.

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