How to accustom a child to polity


Many serious skills children can be taught in the process of playing. Politeness is no exception. You can play with your child skits with elements of the traditions of tea party, romantic date or just polite communication. The boy in the process of playing can be taught respectfully to girls, to give way, and girls – to instill real traits of a little lady.


While playing, cleaning or walking, do not forget to say polite words to the child. For example, don’t say “Collect the toys!” , and say, “Collect toys, please.” If the child will hear polite words more often, he will consider it the norm and give him special lessons will not have to.


If the moment is missed, and the child is already accustomed to achieving his without polite words, such a situation can also be corrected. Methods for this will require different. Pay attention to your behavior. If the kid demands any action from you in an ostentatious tone, just don’t react to his replicas. Once you hear polite words – be sure to reciprocate. Clearly mark the child the chosen line of your behavior, tell him that you will only comply with requests when properly addressed to you.


Do not combine the punishment of a child with the requirement of being polite. If you put the baby in a corner and demand an apology from him, the child will quickly understand your desires, but in a distorted way. Children need to understand the essence of civility, not use words to meet their needs. For example, if a kid gets bored of standing in a corner, he will realize that it is enough to say “I won’t be anymore” and the punishment will be canceled. The child must understand the meaning of words and pronounce them with sincere intonation.


Show the meaning of civility by the example of your family. Arrangement with your husband to thank each other as often as possible at the child, to say polite words and phrases. If the baby grows in such an atmosphere, then exemplary behavior will become integral to him.

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