How newborns see




sight of a newborn baby is in many ways different from that of an adult. Only having come to light, the baby sees at a distance of about 40 cm, but the gaze is not fixed on objects. You can say that the first week of their life, a child only distinguishes between light spots.


It may seem that the kid saw something — he suddenly stirs up at bright lighting or takes his eyes away, but all this happens at the level of reflexes. The child spent 9 months in the womb in the dark darkness, and the world of light just needs to adapt. The complication of vision begins only at 2-3 weeks of life, the perception of flowers occurs, there is object vision.


By the end of the first month of life, the baby is able to follow some bright and large objects, approximately two months of age there is a more or less conscious reaction to the kind of certain items (milk bottles, for example). Small details the newborn does not distinguish, it is only able to see the outlines of objects. When it comes to the fact that by 2 months of life the baby begins to distinguish colors, it is necessary to understand that it is not about the whole spectrum, but only about some shades. Parents often try to surround the baby with calm, pastel tones, but it is necessary to include in the interior of the room and bright accents, on which the baby will be able to focus the gaze.



child’s vision develops constantly, getting better and sharper every week, but by only 12 months it is possible to say that it is more or less formed. Finally sight becomes “adult” only by age 6-7.


If you describe the infant’s vision by stages, by the end of the first month of life, the child is able to focus on the mother’s face, on the feeding bottle — short term. From two months, toddlers begin to watch their eyes for moving objects, show interest in toys, people’s faces. Objects located close, newborns are only able to notice by 4 months, and only with half a year of eye movements become truly manageable and aware. Binocular vision is only established by 9 months, until that time the child’s brain is unable to process simultaneously signals coming from the left and right eye.

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