Development of major motor skills in toddlers

What is major motor skills?

Major motor skills is the coordination of the management of all our movements. Any motor movements of a child that involve all large body muscles, hence that name. Major motor skills are not only for development, but also for the normal physical and mental health of the child.

What gives the development of major motor skills in children from an early age

  • Management of their body;
  • Normalization of the vestibular apparatus;
  • Develops motor skills;
  • Strengthens the muscle corset;
  • Makes the child stronger and hardy;
  • Develops coordination;
  • Develops speech.

Children with whom parents actively engage in his “motor” development:

  • better sleep;
  • less moody;
  • better eat;
  • faster develop.

Children who have learned to walk should walk more on a walk rather than sit in a stroller. Sealless children, start talking later and may fall behind in development from their peers, even with well-developed fine motor skills. Breathing just air is not enough.

Where to start development

  • Lead an active lifestyle;
  • More walk outdoors;
  • Do morning gymnastics with your child;
  • Massage your child, who doesn’t go yet;
  • “Fitball” classes will be great for kids up to a year;
  • Play ball with kids – teach them to throw, catch, kick the ball with your foot;
  • Teach the child as growing up — running, jumping, climbing a rope, stairs, etc.;
  • Teaching a child to walk on socks and heels; Teaching
  • a child to walk back;
  • Learn to perform torso tilts;
  • Teach the child to walk in their arms – lift him by the feet and “drive”, children love such games;
  • Teach the child to ride a scooter and a bicycle;
  • Dance at home with the child.

On a walk with my child, I often notice the children constantly sitting in a stroller or in a sandbox. Of course, moms like these walks are very comfortable, but they are not effective. If the child moved little in a day, it would be worse to fall asleep for daytime and night sleep. And also more moody during the day. Play with the child, get him into moving games. But do not forget for the development of fine motor skills, everything should be in moderation.

  • Important! Do everything to make the child move more at home and on the walk. There is a close relationship between physical and mental development.

Gymnastics, physical education, as well as active games – reduces the risk of developing diseases such as:

  • Flat foot;
  • Scoliosis;
  • Weakness of muscle corset.

Children over 3 years of age are easiest to develop major motor skills. They can be given to dances or sports sections. Swimming is one of the useful sports for a child at any age. The most important thing in the development of major motor skills is movement.

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