Can pregnant people seal tooth

Reasons for going to the dentist

All people need to visit the dentist regularly in order to assess the oral condition in time and, if necessary, $ cure the beginning tooth decay.

If a pregnant woman has hypersensitivity of teeth, there are unpleasant sensations when eating acidic, sweet, cold or hot food – this is a serious reason for a visit to doctor. It is necessary to contact the dentist and in case of bleeding or inflammation of the gums, and the term of pregnancy is not important.

Any inflammation is the source of infection. At the same time, the whole body is intoxicated. Through the blood, the infection can reach the fetus. Therefore, treatment of sick teeth is a necessary and mandatory procedure during pregnancy.

Mommy’s inflamed tooth is a direct threat to the toddler. When the baby is born, the woman will kiss him, and she can transmit infections to him.

Pregnant fears about dental treatment

Many women are confident that anesthesia, which is used by dentists, is very dangerous for health of the future child. However, doctors use modern drugs in minimal dosage. Therefore, their harm on the fetus is minimized. And he’s certainly much less than the harm and discomfort brought by an inflamed tooth.

Stress caused by pain causes more harm to the fetus than local anesthesia.

Besides, not every treatment requires anesthesia. In surface tooth decay, when the nerve is not affected, it is quite possible to seal the tooth, use the local freeze in the form of spray.

In some cases, an X-ray examination is necessary to treat the tooth. Nor does it pose a threat to the pregnant woman. First, the radiation dose is minimal. Secondly, the radiation itself is point-wise and directed solely at the tooth area. Third, the woman’s stomach and chest protects a special apron.

Teeth removal is a difficult and painful process. In addition, often such intervention leads to higher body temperature and requires taking antibiotics. Therefore, if you can postpone tooth removal for later, pregnant women try to guard against such surgery.

Teeth whitening is contraindicated during pregnancy.

The most favorable time for dental treatment is the second trimester of pregnancy, i.e. 14-27 weeks. In the first stages of fetal development, all necessary organs are laid, so all medical interventions are undesirable.

There is a perception that during pregnancy and childbirth teeth are very badly spoiled. It’s not. It is necessary to visit the dentist in time, to include fruits, vegetables and dairy products in the daily diet, as well as take vitamins. Then, such an important period as pregnancy will not in the future remind itself of spoiled teeth.

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