Can I give an apple to a four-month-old child

Apple juice – first of all

It is impossible to highlight any rules that will be suitable for everyone. Each four-month-old baby is individual, and it is only experienced to know if your baby will like an “adult” meal, such as apples.

Introducing this fruit into the diet of a small four-month-old baby should be gradually, and to begin with it is worth trying regular juice. By the way, many pediatricians recommend to start feeding with apple juice, as it is perfectly digestible and in most cases does not cause allergic reactions.

Try offering your toddler a few drops of apple juice. Better do it before lunch, hours at 11-12. Observe the reaction of the body: if there is a rash, gastric disorder, unusual behavior – it is not worth experimenting anymore.

If the child’s reaction is not disturbing, it is possible to increase the dosage of juice by two to three droplets every four days, slowly bringing it up to 50 ml volume.

Now there are special apple juices for children whose age is not more than one year. You can make fresh juice yourself, but remember that it is best to use yellow and green varieties of apples (red dye is an extremely strong allergen) and it needs to be diluted with boiled water (proportion is 1:1) .$

It’s time for apple puree

If your toddler has been happily drinking apple juice for two weeks now, it’s likely the adjustment period is already over. After this adaptive term, as pediatricians usually advise, you can give a child a fruit puree. Again, it is only possible to do this in the absence of negative reactions to apple juice.

Here the principle is the same as with juices: you give a small portion on the sample — you observe the reaction — gradually increase the portion. For the first time, you can offer the kid just a quarter of a teaspoon, that’s enough If the reaction is positive, one fourth of the teaspoon can be added once every four days until the volume of the puree reaches 50 ml — the necessary daily dose. The

time to take apple puree is three to five hours of the day.

You can purchase the finished mash from the store or make it yourself. As you should wash the apple and rub it on the smallest grater (as an option – use a blender). Remember that the shelf life of juices and purees even in the refrigerator is exactly one day.

Keys: amicilin, ampicilina.

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