Alcohol and pregnancy

 Ethyl alcohol penetrates very easily from the blood through the placenta to the fetus. It has a toxic and destructive effect on the baby. After taking alcohol by the mother, blood circulation slows down in the fetus. Because of this, the child has oxygen fasting, which entails a metabolic disorder.

¬†During pregnancy, a woman’s body is in physiological tension, and when drinking alcohol, her health is further undermined. Which directly affects the development of the fetus.

 It is particularly dangerous to consume alcohol, even in small amounts, in the first twelve weeks of pregnancy. Can cause ugliness in the child or miscarriage. Especially ruinous alcohol affects the formation of the fetal nervous system.  Then the kids late start sitting, crawling, walking. They get restless, faggy and tense.

 Drinking mothers may have babies with brain watery. Because of this disease, the newborn has an enlarged skull and brain tissue is gradually atrophied.

 Any alcoholic beverages are detrimental to the child during the entire pregnancy.

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