9 “no” for moms toddlers

1 Breasts

need to be drunk with natural freshly squeezed juices.
All well-known firms carefully check their products for the quality and content of vitamins required for children. And fruit bought at the store may contain nitrates.


Baby food contains preservatives, because create a long-term storage product.
It’s not, manufacturers don’t add preservatives to baby products. Their storage is ensured by special manufacturing technologies. Simply, buying baby food, inspect the jar for the integrity of the package and expiration date, and opening it, store in the refrigerator no more than two days.


Mineral water is better not to use
Just, on the contrary, children are ideal for non-carbonated water with low mineralization. But tap or water from wells can contain anything.


Breast food can be salted to improve taste
Do not accustom the baby to salt, it is already contained in many products. And her overabundance increases pressure and adversely affects the kidneys.


At the end of the first year of life you can give a baby smoked fish
It contains a lot of salt, it is better to damage with it. Only boiled, stewed fish is useful. Even more so, if a child has allergies, then the fish need to be introduced into the diet carefully, only from the age of two.



‘t breastfeed the baby – let him soy milk
Soy milk can only be applied when allergic to milk protein. And in ordinary cases, milk formula will be suitable.


is necessary to strengthen the health of the carapuz with artificial multivitamins The pediatrician will prescribe them himself, if there But if you experiment, it is possible to overdose – and it can damage the baby’s health.



the first year you can give a baby eggs a
grind It is not. A boiled yolk baby should try no sooner than at seven months. Protein at 11 months, in the absence of allergies. Before cooking the eggs are better rinsed.


It is better not to feed the baby beef
lean quality meat should be introduced to the children’s menu from seven to eight months.

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