7 rules of parenting by which children become successful

Many parents, wanting to raise their children successful, demand a lot from them, constantly dabble, follow grades in the diary. But success cannot be predicted. In order for a child to develop well in the future, it is necessary to create a healthy atmosphere in the family, to motivate him for new achievements by his example. Also have to teach him some useful things.

Attention to children

The full development of the child is impossible without everyday parental involvement. Modern adults devote a lot of time to work, personal affairs, sometimes forgetting the most important thing. To raise successful children, you need to try to spend time with them as efficiently as possible. Erudity, love of reading can be nurtured only by personal example. It is worth regularly allocating time to read fiction together. After you can arrange a little discussion. Even very busy parents are able to allocate several hours a week to communicate with family. It could be a walk in the park, a hike in the woods, a movie theater. It is very important for children to fully communicate with adults. It’s not worth saving on a shared pastime. Better to give up buying an expensive toy.

Calm perception of childhood failures

One of the current trends of parenting is isolation them from possible trouble and hardship. Such adults take all the worries in the weather for the perfect world for their child. They get very much worried when something doesn’t go according to plan. With this approach it will not be possible to grow a successful personality. The child should be able to take responsibility, make decisions. It’s important to explain to him that failures happen. And don’t take them too seriously. All the difficulties are temporary, and they only give the opportunity to improve yourself, to look at something from the other side. If a child is demanded too much, survive every failure as a tragedy, in the future they may have problems. Such people do not like to try themselves in new cases, as to be afraid to make a mistake. This could be a major obstacle to success.

Domestic work The

sooner a child is attached to domestic work, the easier it will be to adapt to different changes in life. It is not about hard working, it is enough to awaken awareness of responsibility for creating a cozy and comfortable environment at home. You can start small: with cleaning toys, placing books on shelves. Responsibilities must be clearly shared within the family. It teaches to value someone else’s work. Children become aware that success can be achieved only through joint efforts.

The right motivation

Children need to explain what they need to learn well or engage in anything additionally. It is necessary to motivate for success and its example. If a child sees happy and successful parents, he will want to take an example from them. One can speculate about reaching heights in a career by lying on the couch and doing nothing. But such words won’t be convincing.

Psychologists recommend choosing tactics of requests, but not agreements. Gradually, some responsibilities will enter the habit. Don’t forget to praise the child for the work done. It should see that certain actions cause adults to have a positive response. The big mistake is the introduction of material incentives. This forms mercantile interest. In adult life, it will be difficult for such children to take initiative.

Observance of boundaries and promotion of autonomy

Often adults are so keen on the role of parents that they stop living their lives and only live the interests of the child. Personal boundaries are being erased. This should not be allowed. To educate a successful person, it is impossible to keep all spheres of his life under control. Healthy permissiveness allows you to know the world faster. One should encourage the child’s inquisitiveness, guide it and prompt, but not keep in “hedgehog mitts”. The right to choose should be given to children from the age of It is necessary to encourage their hobbies, not to forbid themselves in different fields of activity. Only so little man can find himself.

Unconditional love

Children surrounded by loving parents succeed much more often. Gotta love a child for what it is, with all the virtues and disadvantages. It forms in him a sense of his own importance. Growing up, such children take failings more steadfastly. They are confident in themselves and not afraid to go ahead, try something new. The atmosphere in the family is equally important to educate a successful person. If the parents’ relationship doesn’t add up, the child feels it. He is under constant stress. Such a situation should not be allowed.

Support and support

Children who have always felt the support of parents grow up more successful, socially adapted. It’s not about deciding everything for a son or daughter, it’s about willingness to lend a helping hand at the moment when needed. If a child is upset, worried, you can’t devalue those emotions. Anger, tears, irritability are a response to different situations. It’s not necessary to suppress feelings. It’s worth teaching a little person to stabilize them. In a calm state, you can find a way out of any situation. Understanding and awareness of one’s emotions help combat fears. Children with advanced emotional intelligence have a better understanding of those around them, are less conflicted. They are more resistant to stress, which in many areas of life is the key to success.

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