6 rules for woman “in position”


How to lean properly
After the sixth month of pregnancy, the baby’s weight begins to pressure the spine, causing pain in back. So it’s better if you avoid all the movements implying tilts so as not to double the load on your back.


How to sleep properly The
ideal position to sleep is to sleep on the side. To ensure the weight is distributed evenly – between the knees you can put a small pillow. For those with numbness and lower back pain, the pillow can be tacked under the side to avoid bending the back.


How to stand properly
Pregnant women is contraindicated to stand long, because it causes a stagnation of fluid and blood in the legs, causing edema and veins dilation. It is necessary to change the position periodically – to sit down, placing a low bench under the feet. It improves circulation and relaxes the back.


How to sit properly
During sitting it is necessary to rest your back on the back of the chair. It is very useful to put a small pad under the back at the level of the kidneys.


How to
walk Walking properly is what a pregnant woman needs. It tones the muscles of the legs, preventing varicosis, and strengthening the abdominal muscles. Walk in quiet, not congested places – in parks, squares. Choose comfortable shoes, flat soled.


How to behave properly on public transport
On the train – sit harmful for a long time, so periodically get up and walk on the carriage to stimulate blood circulation.
In the tram and bus – ride better sitting, and get up only after a complete stop of transport, so as not to lose balance and fall.
In the car is the most convenient option, where you can take a comfortable seat, position and even make a stop if you are tired to sit still, and mash your feet.

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