Introduction to copywriting. Part 7. Tone of advertising language

Copywriter works the most expensive word, advertising text does not tolerate graceful wordiness, poetry, philosophy, wordblism. The conciseness and accuracy of the hit is the main task of the copywriter in the logic of the statement. Everything extra – cuts off! The main difference in advertising language is that it speaks to a specific consumer, … Read more

Introduction to copywriting. Part 5. Selling text

After definitions (their differences) – “advertising language” and “advertising text” – the next important step becomes the logic of the copywriter’s statement. Advertising text does not require philosophy – so you can define the basic essence of this logic. This text should be accurate as a mathematical formula describing the most concise and simplest way … Read more

How to work at home

Instruction 1 Start with easy and interesting. Far from the best solution will be thrown into battle at once, taking on difficult financial calculations or writing course. To begin with, you can stir yourself with motivating articles or quotes, read a couple of business tips on forums or chat with colleagues. 2 Observe a strict … Read more

Introduction to copywriting. Part 3. Text and language of advertising

In the quest to make text loyal to search engines break sometimes the very norms of Russian language, leaving tons of rubbish illiterate text material on the internet. “” The power of quantities kills quality “” is the most accurate definition of “copypasta”. Recklma text is a set of language tools that represent a symbiosis … Read more