How to properly organize space at work

Properly organized files in the computer save time For those whose work is directly related to computer usage, it is primarily important to keep in order all electronic documents and files. Ideally, you should select a separate hard drive partition for working documents, where you will create the required number of folders for storing files. … Read more

How to avoid stress at work?

Instruction 1 Plan and Dream:Every day you have to do something you love very much. And it’s not necessarily a glass of wine drunk in front of the TV at all! Go for a walk, plan to meet friends or take up your favorite hobby at home – something that is absolutely unrelated to your … Read more

How to calculate sick leave for UNVD

You will need – correctly filled sick sheet; – employee salary data for the last 24 months; Instruction 1 If there is no doubt as to the authenticity of the document, it is possible to proceed with the calculation of the These payments depend on the employee’s insurance experience, ie the period when the employer … Read more