How to competently quit job

Competent dismissal: legislation and relations Take into account that, according to Article 80 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, an employee is obliged to warn his chief about dismissal by own request two weeks before leaving work. By writing a statement in time, you will save yourself a lot of problems with the … Read more

Is it possible to fire down a pregnant woman

Employers are usually not interested in having pregnant women in the organization’s staff, as the latter do not bring any economic benefit, but create many problems. At the same time, labour legislation provides an increased level of protection for such women, a component of which is the prohibition of dismissal at the initiative of the … Read more

How to fill a workaround;

What is a “workaround” Labour relations are fully regulated by the Labour Code of the Russian Federation, but in it there is no such concept as a “workaround”, and the dismissal procedure is described in detail in Article 84, Part 1. Mention of it occurs, however, in some by-laws that concern labor relations in state … Read more