How to certify a workplace

You will need – Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation dated April 26, 2011 №342n. Instruction 1 Read the concept of “workplace certification”. In essence, this exercise is a comprehensive assessment of the conditions of activity at specific workplaces.$ The purpose of certification is to identify dangerous and harmful factors of … Read more

Introduction to copywriting. Part 7. Tone of advertising language

Copywriter works the most expensive word, advertising text does not tolerate graceful wordiness, poetry, philosophy, wordblism. The conciseness and accuracy of the hit is the main task of the copywriter in the logic of the statement. Everything extra – cuts off! The main difference in advertising language is that it speaks to a specific consumer, … Read more

How to become a military prosecutor

Where does a future military prosecutor study? Thecountry’s main institution of higher education, training army and naval prosecutors, is the Military University of the Ministry of Defence. More precisely, its prosecutorial and investigative faculty. Another resource is the requalification of graduates of civil law universities who have already served in the army. The Department of … Read more

Without what success is impossible?

Of course it’s all there. But even with all the things described above, the path to success can be very, very hard. And the reasons for this are quite banal. First, there are no universal keys, buttons and steps. In each particular situation, you will have to look your way rather than follow someone else’s … Read more

How to get a quarantine work

iv> ‘During the coronavirus pandemic, there is a question of where to get a quarantine job certificate. Moscow and the MoD adopted a corresponding law, clearly restricting the possibility of moving around the city. One of the categories of citizens that can leave their homes is the working population. Mishustine called for tough measures to … Read more

Introduction to copywriting. Part 5. Selling text

After definitions (their differences) – “advertising language” and “advertising text” – the next important step becomes the logic of the copywriter’s statement. Advertising text does not require philosophy – so you can define the basic essence of this logic. This text should be accurate as a mathematical formula describing the most concise and simplest way … Read more

How to officially switch to remote work in connection with coronavirus

The Ministry of Labor recommended that employees be transferred to remote work due to coronavirus. The TC of the Russian Federation contains several provisions on the specificity of labor organization in conditions of emergency. The latter included epidemics and pandemics. Social distancing is recognized as one of the most reliable ways to curb the spread … Read more