How to choose shoes right

Instruction 1 Head to the shoe store in the afternoon. The natural increase in the foot after noon affects the correct size selection. Measuring shoes is better standing. Walk through the store in a pair of shoes you intend to purchase. The leg should feel natural and not clamped. 2 Leave a small distance between … Read more

How the rain headlamp system will work

The development of rain-proof headlights was handled by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, USA, Pennsylvania. On the official website of the same institute there is a detailed technical description of the invention. The technical assignment was to develop a new road lighting system that would be able to function significantly better in rain and snow … Read more

What are street exercises

About 10 years ago, the simplest yard simulators were considered bars and tourniks, on which both adults and teenagers liked to swing. Today, the range of street simulators is much larger, and includes units similar to those worth in modern fitness clubs. Therefore, walking in a regular yard, you can easily and simply adjust the … Read more