Where to rest in Europe spring

Once in European cities in spring, you are sure to be pleased with the absence of summer exhausting heat, which although in many ways contributes to an active beach holiday, but at the same time time is not too conducive for long hiking. More or less warm weather on the European continent is usually established … Read more

Japan: a few separate facts

The Japanese themselves since very ancient times call their country Nippon (or in other way – Nihon). Such a name is composed of two hieroglyphs. One translates as “sun”; the other translates “basis”. Therefore, the informal definition of Japan as the Land of the Rising Sun emerged. On the flag it is symbolized by a … Read more

How live in England

Instruction 1 The national character trait of the English is courtesy and restraint. In communication the English may seem somewhat choppy and cold, but they are always smiling, polite and welcoming. They always say “thank you” and “please.” 2 The British holy honor their traditions and cultural values. Because of this, they are called an … Read more

Lands most romantic cities

Paris Paris is the first to come to mind if you think about a romantic journey. The capital of France was granted such a flattering status a few centuries ago, but its reasons are unknown — perhaps French writers tried, or all the fault of the myths of love and gallantry the French. And after … Read more

Volga River: where flows, length, source, mouth and nature of current

The geographical location of the Volga is considered the central water highway of Russia, flowing through its European part through the Russian plain. The river carries its waters across 15 subjects of Russia: from Tver Oblast to the Republic of Tatarstan. Different peoples called it Ra, or Rav — “shedraya”, Athel — “river of rivers”, … Read more

Unique European Castles

Spanish Alcazar In the Spanish city of Segovia rises on a cliff beautiful castle. At one time it was a royal residence, a city prison and a military college. In 1862, the castle was destroyed by fire, but it was restored using sketches from the 15th century. Alcazar is a huge number of halls in … Read more

Where the Crimson Lake

Lake in Spain The Spanish Lake Salinas de Torrevieja is known as a source of mineral resources for the region. The lake has no runoff, and therefore all the salt that enters it remains in its banks. For many years, the solution became so saturated that the bottom and coastal strip were covered with a … Read more

8 interesting facts about Alpah

1. The grandeur and power of the Alps form a giant mountain range. It stretches from the Mediterranean Sea in the west and to the Danube in the east. The Alps are in the territory of seven states: Germany, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovenia. At its widest part, in Austria, the mountains reach an … Read more