How to get to Volokolamska

Instruction 1 Train trains from Riga Station in Moscow go to Volokolamsk station. Also there are electric trains of Kursk direction departing from stations “Podolsk”, “Shcherbinka”, “Depot”, “Moscow – Kurskaya”. Travel time from Kursky and Riga railway stations is about two hours. In recent years from Riga railway station “Sputnik” trains three times a day, … Read more

How to get to Saranska

Instruction 1 Planes to Saransk fly from three Russian cities – Moscow, Samara and Saratov. Flights are made by the company “Mordovian Airlines”. Planes fly daily, travel time to Saransk is about an hour. You can order tickets on the airline’s website, or buy at the airport ticket office. 2 From Moscow to Saransk follows … Read more

How to get to Borisoglebska

Instruction 1 No plane to Borisoglebsk — the nearest airport is 70 kilometers away. Therefore, the most common way of travel is a long-distance train. From Paveletsky Station the following trains depart every day: “Moscow-Dushanbe”, “Moscow-Astrakhan”, “Moscow-Khujand”, “Moscow-Volgograd”, “Moscow-Baku” and “Moscow-Balashov”. Travel time is approximately 15 hours and 50 minutes. 2 When traveling from Moscow … Read more

How to get to White Lake

You need – a map of highways of Russia; – schedule of planes to Cherepovets; – timetable for the trains to Vologda and Cherepovets; – bus schedule from Vologda and Cherepovets bus stations. Instruction 1 Belozersk is the administrative center of Belozersky District of Vologda Oblast. If you prefer to travel by plane, the nearest … Read more

How to get to the Temple of Matrona

Instruction 1 Mother Matrona Temple is located at: city of Moscow, str. Taganskaya, d. 58. Several metro stations are located nearby: “Marxistkaya”, “Proletarskaya” and “Ploschad Ilyicha”. The closest the monastery is to the “Marxist”. 2 If you decide to go to the temple of Mother Matrona through the metro station “Marxistkaya”, find an exit from … Read more

How to get to Otradnogo

You will need – the subway scheme of St. Petersburg; – the schedule of trains from Moscow Station of St. Petersburg to Volkhovstroy. Instructions 1 Getting to Otradny is easiest by train. Of course, looking into the timetable of electric trains that hangs in Moscow railway station, the name “Otradnoye” will not be found. But … Read more

How to get to Balabanov

Instruction 1 The fastest and easiest way to get from Moscow to Balabanovo is a suburban train. The following trains depart from Kiev station: “Moscow-Kaluga-1″, “Moscow-Obninsk” and “Moscow-Maloyaroslavets”. Since the lineups almost always go with all stops, the travel time to the station “Balabanovo” is 1 hour 45 minutes. 2 There is also the option … Read more

How to get to Volzhsky

Instruction 1 In Volga itself there is a railway and bus station. As well as it adjoins large tracks. But the direct connection is not with all points of Russia. Quite often you have to take a ticket to Volgograd, and from there to get by car. The distance from Volgograd to Volzhsky is not … Read more

How to get to Petrozavodska

Instruction 1 Petrozavodsk has an airport, and international class. Every day there arrive several planes from Moscow and St. Petersburg. So from these cities you can reach the Karelian capital in about two hours, and from St. Petersburg even faster. By the way, there is a direct link between Petrozavodsk and Helsinki too. 2 If … Read more

How to get to the Remain

Instructions 1 You can get to Ostashkov by train, bus, car. Despite the slight distance from Moscow – about 400 kilometers, the train to it goes quite long – almost 12 hours. It leaves from Leningrad railway station. Train number 603/604. Walks in summer more often than in winter. The schedule changes every year. Therefore, … Read more