How to go to Germany

You will need – a general civil passport, – a foreign passport (if available, and previously issued foreign passport), – 3 photos for documents, – a certificate confirming your employment – a statement from a bank account that you have sufficient funds to stay in the territory of the European Union – air tickets, – … Read more

Types of insurance for tourists

Types of travel insurance packages There are three main types of health insurance packages for tourists. They are classified according to the variety of insurance options provided in them. The cost of the insurance policy depends on the country of destination, the list of insurance cases, the duration and purpose of the trip, the age … Read more

How to enter Switzerland

Instruction 1 Switzerland back in 2008 joined the Schengen countries. From now on, in order to enter the territory of this state, you must have either a residence permit in one of the Schengen countries or a Schengen visa. 2 You can issue a Schengen visa for travel to Switzerland at a travel firm registered … Read more

Where to submit documents

Instructions 1 Sign up on the website, with which you can get almost any social services via the Internet . Here you can find out the addresses of the institutions you will need to contact later, as well as the list of necessary documents. Usually first on the website “State Service” you need to … Read more