How to play bowling

Instruction 1 Choose the right ball for you, as your chances of winning will depend on it. Each ball has three holes for the middle, ring and thumb — they should fit you perfectly in size so that the ball easily slips off your hand, and at the same time you didn’t have to do … Read more

How to take protein effectively

What gives protein Protein is a protein. The human digestive system cleaves it down to separate important amino acids from which muscle tissues are subsequently constructed. Protein is useful to everyone and at the same time is not so important whether a person attends the gym or not. Literate dosage Protein dosage is controversial. For … Read more

How to box a pear

You’ll need – pear; – gloves or boxing bandages. Instruction 1 Do a warm-up to warm up your muscles and avoid stretching. To do this, run for 10 minutes, simultaneously performing the following exercises: raising your hips to your chest, swoop your hands in different directions, hitting your imaginary opponent. Or jump on a jump … Read more

How to effectively take creatin

Correct dosage Human muscles are not able to stock creatine permanently. They can only assimilate the amount they currently require. For this reason, admission above the norm is devoid of meaning. So, taking less than 5 g of creatine daily, the athlete may not notice the effect, and drinking more than 15 g is already … Read more

How to do tricks on BMX

Instruction 1 The trick, to know and be able to which every rider should, called Bunny Hop. It serves to overcome small obstacles and in the process of performing BMX completely hangs in the air. 2 Most newcomers, seeing this trick from the side and trying to repeat it, try to lift both wheels in … Read more

What is interval training

Instruction 1 The principle of interval training combines alternating resting state and active physical exertions. The sport at the same time can be chosen at your own discretion – fitness, treadmill, swimming, running. The main purpose of interval training is not burning excess calories, but teaching the body to ensure that fat does not accumulate … Read more

Pros and cons of extreme sport

Pros of Extreme Sports Classes parkour, rock climbing, skydiving or snowboarding is a great way to overcome your fears. Seriously engaged in base-jumping, you sure will get rid of the fear of planes, and after a high-speed downhill skiing any roller coaster will be a children’s attraction. Extreme sports classes add to self-confidence. Also, it’s … Read more

How many weight categories exist in box

What is a weight category? It is an arbitrary-controlled restriction of a boxer’s own weight. Within its framework, the athlete has the right to take part in official competitions in the ring. The final weigh-in is held immediately before the start of the tournament or fight on electronic scales. Where boxers become without outerwear, or … Read more

How to take a gainer

Whether a gainer A regular meal contains proteins and carbohydrates in sufficient quantities. Only the food of many of us is far from the notion of “proper ration.” As a result, the body does not get the right substances. As a result — after the training, the mass stands still, and the recovery process proceeds … Read more

What is a sports run

Sports and wellness running is divided into sports and wellness. Wellness running supports and preserves human health, it can be practiced by both trained athletes and people with little physical fitness. Sports running includes running at different distances under different conditions. It is engaged by athletes using different techniques of performance. Types of sports running … Read more