How footballs do

Instruction 1 Ball consists of a tire, lining and camera. Cameras are manufactured in factories of rubber products made of butyl or latex, then they are sent to the enterprises of sewing balls. Latex cameras are considered the best, the balls with them are used for official competitions. Latex cameras have better indicators of elasticity, … Read more

How to play hitter

You’ll need – equipment to play football. Instruction 1 Please note that the striker takes the most active position in the last stage of the attack. The forward has to strike at the gate from a wide variety of positions and distances. Very often a striker has to hit the ball from the most uncomfortable … Read more

Which club Wagner Love went to

To Moscow — with the love of theformer forward of Brazilian “Vasco da Gama” and “Palmeiras” to Russia brought love not so much for the leather ball as for money. As well as the desire to “light up” and a little later go along the example of many other Brazilians to a strong Western European … Read more

How Ronaldo beats

Instruction 1 During the match, the Portuguese beats usually with the left foot and inside of the foot. That’s how you can send the ball to where you really need it. The truth at the same time will not turn out a twirling blow, but it will be more accurate and strong. Cristiano Ronaldo’s main … Read more

The best goaltenders of the world

Football goalkeepers In the vast majority of cases, the word’ goalkeeper ‘is associated with football. Lev Yashin (USSR) is considered the best goalkeeper in the history of this sport. This is a true legend of Soviet football. Yashin is a European and Olympic champion. Outside the Soviet Union, he earned the nickname “Black Spider” – … Read more

How many goals scored by Lionel Messy

Leo Messi’s stats , despite being Argentine, unlike most of his compatriots, started his professional career in Europe, so how “Barcelona” took care of his move into their ranks when Messi was only thirteen years old. Lionel scored his first goal for FC Barcelona on 1 May 2005 in a match against FC Albacete, becoming … Read more

Forecast for Atalanta vs Parma football match

Today a very interesting football match will take place, FC “Parma” will host the most productive Serie A team – FC “Atalanta” at the stadium. The football club “Atalanta” has one of the best seasons in the history of the club, this season the players of the club were able to score 96 goals and … Read more