Why eat sweet while training

Why eat sweet in training  There are so-called “gas tanks” in which many nutrients are stored in human muscles. They are called glycogen depot. Filled by excessive externally obtained carbohydrates or fluids. During strength training, glycogen reserves in muscle tissue are generally used as energy. That is, if you spent most of your strength in … Read more

How to get rid of a saggy belly

Diet for belly and sides: get rid of surplus To tighten your stomach, follow the diet. Cut down on eating meat, fatty semis, sweets. Exclude products that promote bloating – legumes, sweet fruits, raw cabbage, sodas from the menu. Give up too-calorie fruit and desserts, as well as appetite-stirring spirits. Instead of coffee delaying body … Read more

How fast do muscles grow?

Instruction 1 The younger the body, the faster the muscles grow. Maximum growth rate of muscle mass can be reached in 13-20 years, when the body develops most rapidly. 2 A big role here is given to the athlete’s nutrition, because the building material for muscles the body assimilates only through food, which should be … Read more