How to run to slim

You will need quality running sneakers Instructions 1 While running the body actively expends stored energy, it would seem logical to assume that the energy it would take from hateful fat, but that’s not exactly true. With loads, the body seeks the help of the liver, which stocks glucose in the form of a special … Read more

Callanetics – exercises for ballerins

Kalanetica is a complex of 29 exercises based on yoga asanas. It strengthens the cervical and lumbar sections of the spine, improves metabolism and skin tone, involves deep muscles and generally has a beneficial effect on the body. It is thought that just one hour of calanetics replaces a day of aerobics, which means there … Read more

How to breathe while run

Instruction 1 Learn to breathe deeply. Human lungs have large enough sizes, their volume is not much less than the chest volume. However, the vast majority of people use only a tiny fraction of the capacity of this body. Meanwhile, everyone can learn to breathe deeply. During deep breath, the lower part of the abdomen … Read more

When you can lose weight if you run every day

The benefits of running is one of the most popular sports in the world. It tones the cardiovascular system, stimulates metabolism, develops speed, strength, coordination, endurance. Running classes make all the muscles of the body work, spend the accumulated calories as much as possible. Nutritionists considered that to lose weight by 1 kilogram it is … Read more

How to make a running husband

Instruction 1 Take your husband away with running, as getting an adult to play sports is very difficult. And the effect will be wrong. The daily jog should be a joy and a stranglehold for him, not a katori. Then running will become part of his lifestyle and your spouse will continue to exercise on … Read more

How much you need to run to slim

Rules of running for those who seek to lose weight Start running need to gradually, with each time adding a little bit in time. So you will gradually accustom your body to a useful activity without harming it. If you are in weak physical shape, during the first runs should not exceed the time limit … Read more

How to run to pump up muscle

Instruction 1 Run fast. Compare the best runners at their distances – marathonist and sprinter. Who in your opinion possesses a more powerful figure? Look at the anthropometric data of the Olympic champion in London over the marathon distance, Steven Kiprotich and the winner of the same Olympics in the 100m race, Usain Bolt. The … Read more