Do aqua aerobic

How to take aqua aerobics classes The trainer-led exercise takes place within 40-60 minutes. The level of water depth in which the exercises are performed varies from shallow (“by the belt”) to deep (“by the neck”). Therefore, even those who do not know how to swim can engage in water. Of course, you can do … Read more

How to choose a treadmill;

Instruction 1 Determine the type of treadmill. The canvas of the mechanical trainer rotates from the effort of the running man. Engage on such paths is not so comfortable: you have to put more effort, a higher load on knee joints is created, the canvas can move not smoothly, but jerks. The main advantages of … Read more

Why eat sweet while training

Why eat sweet in training  There are so-called “gas tanks” in which many nutrients are stored in human muscles. They are called glycogen depot. Filled by excessive externally obtained carbohydrates or fluids. During strength training, glycogen reserves in muscle tissue are generally used as energy. That is, if you spent most of your strength in … Read more

How footballs do

Instruction 1 Ball consists of a tire, lining and camera. Cameras are manufactured in factories of rubber products made of butyl or latex, then they are sent to the enterprises of sewing balls. Latex cameras are considered the best, the balls with them are used for official competitions. Latex cameras have better indicators of elasticity, … Read more

How to play bowling

Instruction 1 Choose the right ball for you, as your chances of winning will depend on it. Each ball has three holes for the middle, ring and thumb — they should fit you perfectly in size so that the ball easily slips off your hand, and at the same time you didn’t have to do … Read more

What is polyathlon

Polyathlon – a peer of Russia As a professional sport polyathlon (from the Greek words poly – lots and athlon – competition) was born not just in modern Russia, but also at the same time as the country — in 1992—1993. At the same time took place and the first CIS championship in Syktyvkar, and … Read more

How to take protein effectively

What gives protein Protein is a protein. The human digestive system cleaves it down to separate important amino acids from which muscle tissues are subsequently constructed. Protein is useful to everyone and at the same time is not so important whether a person attends the gym or not. Literate dosage Protein dosage is controversial. For … Read more