How right – firefighter or firefighter?

Linguists see no difference In terms of linguistics, “fireman” would be a more faithful designation of profession by analogy with the words “polar man” or “oilman”, but in Russian there are many examples of how a rule “pasueth” before an established tradition. Historically, the adjective “firefighter” was used to refer to a member of the … Read more

How the involved turnover stands out

You will need – textbooks on Russian language; – manual “Russian Grammar 1980″, – manuals on modern Russian language for universities. Instruction 1 Communion is one of the parts of speech that synthesizes the signs of the other two, which are basic — the adjective and verb. Some linguistic schools believe that participle should not … Read more

What tied the Gordian noded

Where the events of the myth occurred Terrain, where the events of the poetic myth of the wise knot unfold, was called Phrygia in antiquity. It is now the western and central territory of Turkey. The ancient city of Gordion was the capital of the once powerful Phrygian kingdom in Asia Minor. The famous name … Read more

What is tryn-herb

Why did they do it — from the song it’s clear: “The brave will be the onewho three times a yearIn this eerie hourmows the grass.” And indeed, after all bunnies were not afraid of a wolf, or an owl… Apparently, the tryn-grass had some magical properties, but what this is a problem — it … Read more

What is phonetic parsing of word

What is Phonetics Phonetics , as a section of language science, studies the sound composition of speech: sounds, sound combinations, syllables, percussion in a word. The word “background” in Greek is sound. The object of studying phonetics is not all sounds made or reproduced by humans, but only those used for speech communication in the … Read more

How to define a noun number

Instruction 1 To begin with, learn the following: if the subject can be counted and it is combined with the words “one”, “two”, “three”, etc. ( quantitative numerical), then such nouns have singular and plural forms. Accordingly, the singular is to denote one subject, the plural is to denote several (window is windows, river is … Read more

How the expression “apple strip” originated

Instruction 1 “Apple of Discord” is a euphemism leading its own genus, like many other winged expressions, from Greek mythology. According to legend, Zeus, who feared the prophecy according to which the son of the goddess Thetis was to overthrow her, gave the daughter of the titan Ocean for the mortal tsarevich Peleus. The wedding … Read more

Popular Latin proverbs;

Latin sayings have been cited in many languages of the world for more than one century. There has long been no Roman Empire, but the literary creations (proverbs, aphorisms, expressions) of its writers are as eternal as Rome. The significance of the Latin language Centuries ago was considered by a rightfully educated person who knew … Read more

How the expression “Trojan horse” originated

Instruction 1 The expression “Trojan horse” denotes an insidious design, a cunning plan that seems innocuous at first. The euphemism originates from accounts of the Trojan War. It was the Trojan horse by legend that led to the fall of Troy. 2 Trojan war ignited after the abduction of Helena the beautiful — the spouse … Read more