How Moscow arised

Instruction 1 Numerous excavations on the territory of Moscow confirm the version that settlements on this site appeared long before its mentions in the annals. This is not surprising, because Moscow lands are great for life, both in terms of sustenance – fertile land, rich game forests, and in terms of construction – a large … Read more

How farming arise

Instruction 1 Numerous archaeological studies show that farming originated 10-12 thousand years ago in the area so called Fertile Crescent – an area of the Middle East with abundant natural irrigation, and hence fertile soils.$ There were wild species of various cereals and legumes on this territory, which man had used even before he had … Read more

How the Chinese Lunar Calendarance

Observations as the basis of the calendar The history of the Chinese lunar calendar begins as early as the second millennium BC. Back then, Chinese scientists found that the Moon had some influence on the Earth and its inhabitants. This influence, scientists have proved, causes tides and ebbs in rivers and oceans, alters people’s well-being. … Read more

Was Lenin a German spy

Lenin: German spy or sincere revolutionary? Who can be considered a spy or agent of a foreign power? It is usually called those who knowingly, by conviction or for money, perform tasks of intelligence organizations of another state. The spy is always aware that he benefits his masters and damages his home state. If you … Read more

Why its worth reading Vera Polozkov

In the heyday of the Internet on all sides it smells like snobbery. Slightly seeing something “unusual”, “talented” and “bright” society will find something to get involved. And Vera Polozkov is called by some as “the ruby of Russian poetry”. But don’t you think that in this criticism is so jaunty with envy. In modern … Read more

What means the expression “lyas sharpen”

The word “balasina” is the same language of Slavs foreign. It came from Italy during the Renaissance, when Russia came to fashion for elegant, rather than powerful stairs, carved railings and racks, instead of massive pillars. Carved columns for staircase railings — balaustro — or in Russian manner “balyas”, “balasina”. Lases and balusters On the … Read more

What is organization theory

Object study is ways of organizing different matter. Subject of study — interaction and communication between structural components of holistic entities, as well as processes related to organization or disorganization of the system. The theory of organizations in this case is a system of knowledge that summarizes all the experience of researching the essence of … Read more

How Hitler came to power

Instruction 1 After the First World War the Kaiser power in Germany was overthrown, between 1919 and 1933 in Germany established liberal democratic regime, but there is no surprise that democracy was replaced in a moment by dictatorship. In the political life of the Weimar Republic (so it is customary to call Germany of this … Read more

How Athena looked

Instruction 1 Athena’s fate has been unusual since birth. Her father, the supreme lord of Olympus Zeus, was predicted that he would be destroyed by a son born of the first wife of the thunderclapper goddess of wisdom Methida. To prevent the fulfilment of prophecy, Zeus swallowed his consort and relented. 2 Soon, however, the … Read more