How many artificial Earth satellites are there?

Number of artificial satellites of the Earth by artificial satellites can be referred to as spacecraft built specifically to rotate around the Earth in orbit , as well as various objects — debris from satellites, overclocking units, non-functioning vehicles, nodes of the last stages of rockets, which are space debris. Most often, guided or automatic … Read more

Saturn Companies

Features of Saturn satellites According to scientists, many of Saturn’s satellites began to accompany it relatively recently. The fact is that this planet has a large size and strong gravitational field, which allows it to attract even large asteroids and comets. Thanks to this, the number of satellites of Saturn can increase, and most of … Read more

Planet Saturn: atmosphere, terrain, duration of day and year, satellites;

Saturn’s atmosphere is a gas planet. Its atmosphere consists of hydrogen, small amounts of helium, and traces of methane. The closer to the center of the planet, the higher the temperature and pressure. Scientists suggest that in the middle of Saturn, temperatures reach 8000 OS, and pressure several million times surpasses Earth’s parameters. At a … Read more

How many planets are known to science

Recent discoveries of planets finding and discovering new planets outside the solar system science has taken up relatively recently, about 20 years ago. The latest discoveries were made in 2014, when the Kepler telescope team managed to discover 715 new planets. These planets orbit around 305 stars, and resemble the Solar System in orbits in … Read more

What Constellation Hair Veronica looks

Constellation Hair Veronica (Coma Berenices) Hair is a rather inconspicuous constellation, both stars and its shape. It is found in the Northern Hemisphere in close proximity to the ecliptic. However, the persistent observer, who will still want to find it, will open an eye to a real placer of distant galaxies and an interesting globular … Read more

Do aliens exist?

Where it all went The first official mentions of visiting Earth by aliens date from the nineteenth century. At that time, however, neither the term “alien” nor the concept of “unidentified flying object” had yet existed. These definitions did not emerge until the mid-twentieth century, when, if this version is to be believed, an alien … Read more

What our galaxy looks

Instruction 1 However, the Milky Way is only our Galaxy, there are many of them. The Magellanic Clouds galaxy closest to us is located at a distance of about 150000 light years. Each galaxy contains hundreds of billions of different stars, and all of them revolve around a single galactic nucleus — a cluster at … Read more