How right – firefighter or firefighter?

Linguists see no difference In terms of linguistics, “fireman” would be a more faithful designation of profession by analogy with the words “polar man” or “oilman”, but in Russian there are many examples of how a rule “pasueth” before an established tradition. Historically, the adjective “firefighter” was used to refer to a member of the … Read more

What tree is the oldest on Earth

Relict tree The oldest tree on the planet is considered ginkgo biloba. During the Mesozoic, it was widespread on Earth, especially in northern latitudes, in temperate climate areas with high humidity. Many of them were also on the lands of the present Siberia. After the ice age, only one species of ginkgo out of fifty … Read more

What is Holocaust

History of the Holocaust The word “holocaust” came from the ancient Greek concept meaning making sacrifice by burning. British newspapers used the word “holocaust” to characterize national persecution in Turkey and in Tsarist Russia as early as the 20th century. However, worldwide distribution and spelling as a name of their own (capitalized) term received in … Read more

How Moscow arised

Instruction 1 Numerous excavations on the territory of Moscow confirm the version that settlements on this site appeared long before its mentions in the annals. This is not surprising, because Moscow lands are great for life, both in terms of sustenance – fertile land, rich game forests, and in terms of construction – a large … Read more

What is the resistivity of the conductor

Each body relative to the electric current is characterized by its resistance. If we recall electronic theory, according to it, all substances consist of atoms and molecules. These atoms and molecules in different substances have different structure. And they are the ones that occur in the way of motion of free electrons in the conductor … Read more

Structure of the Mushroom Cell

Cell wall structure Fungi cells , like plant cells, are surrounded on the outside by a strong cell wall that supports the shape of the cell and protects it from damage. In most fungi, the cell wall consists of chitin, a substance that also forms an exoskeleton in insects, and only in oomycetes the main … Read more

8 advice from neuroscientists how to exactly become happy

Learning and self-development  Processing new information coming from outside activates all brain activity processes. But the human brain is arranged in such a way that, having actively worked and gained useful knowledge, it makes up for the effort spent by the production of dopamine – the “hormone of joy”. Consequently, people constantly involved in the … Read more

How many artificial Earth satellites are there?

Number of artificial satellites of the Earth by artificial satellites can be referred to as spacecraft built specifically to rotate around the Earth in orbit , as well as various objects — debris from satellites, overclocking units, non-functioning vehicles, nodes of the last stages of rockets, which are space debris. Most often, guided or automatic … Read more

How long we growth

Instruction 1 Natural growth. Boys and girls grow unequally, so skeleton formation ends at different time periods. On average, women grow to 16—19 years old. Active male growth ends at 18-25 years. How long we grow depends on many indicators. One of the most significant factors is the time of sexual development. The later it … Read more