How to throw a foam party

You will need – foam turbine; – foam concentrate; – foam cannon; – water capacity; – foam generator. Instruction 1 Calculate the budget of the party. The amount you have will depend on the choice of service provider. There are several ways to arrange a disco with surprise in the form of foam streams: purchase … Read more

90s style party: what to wear

90s-style party gives a chance to return to the time of youth, plunge into memories, feel youthful and carefree. In order for the effect to be brighter, it is necessary to think through the external image down to the little things. You can get over things at the cottage, for sure there was swamped something … Read more

What games you can play at the party

You will need – paper; – pencil or fountain pen; – chairs; – hat or bag; – scarf (handkerchief). Instruction 1 Play “Guess Me” game. Divide all guests into two teams. On individual leaflets, write the names of famous personalities and place the notes in a hat or bag. Representatives of each team take turns … Read more

What to wear to a rock concert

Regardless of age, appearance at a concert can always be made noticeable and unusual. Someone will choose win-win jeans with a T-shirt, and someone will try to draw attention to their incredible combination of clothing and jewelry. In any case, planning your wardrobe follows certain criteria. Place Select those things that are mandatory or recommended … Read more